Part I

After installing Windows and other applications required into the computer, there some things you should do. Among them are doing some things for accelerate and simplify the performance of the computer. For example, arrange for your computer to be restarted more fast, or bring the hidden menu, use the shortcut for faster access and other forth.
All of the above is a small portion of the base Windows tips and tricks that we convey the following. All tips and tricks here we combine into 150 easy steps and safe to do so. 150 tip and tricks, including some step by step guide is easy to follow, will make computer You are more comfortable working. Of course, ultimately, your productivity growing at a computer. A convenient computer just is not enough without the accompanied increase in the security side. This important, because the connection to the network, the
Internet or to another computer, more or less definitely at risk. Start from spreading the virus to capture our data by unauthorized people. For that, we include Besides some basic tips to improve security in Windows.
Some tips and tricks and step by step guide in this article using aidcertain programs can be downloaded from several sites on the Internet. But to ease your as usual all the programs mentioned in the following papers are included in the CD of PC Media.Of course, all courses have been tested in the labs of PC Media.Installing programs that exist in this article came mostly from Microsoft's official site. So small likelihood of these programs cause errors in your PC. So do not hesitate, continue to follow the tips and tricks on the basis of Windows that is rarely revealed!

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Installation of Windows that's easy and fun 

01. Back-up your registry first before editing. How, click Start | Run, type regedit. After appearing window registry, select menu File | Export. In the Export range, select All and specify the file name, end with a click Save button. 

02. Many programs are actually installed in Windows, but not active. For activate it, go to Control Panel | Add / Remove Windows Components and check the programs that have not been active. 

03. Before installing a new program or make changes to Windows settings overall, better to manually create Restore Point first. How, Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore and click Create a restore point. 

04. If you decide to install Windows Updates that have previously been didecline, enter to Control Panel | System, select the Automatic Updates tab and click Restore declined Updates. 

05. To set the Windows update runs to suit your needs, set the first Windows Update. The trick, open System in Control Panel and click the Automatic Updates tab. Set enable or disable option Keep my computer up to date. 

06. If you do not have a bootable CD, do not worry. Microsoft already provides Free tool to create a boot floppy at

07. If current Windows installation suddenly stopped, turn off the computer and remove the additional card. 

 For example sound card. Reinstall the card and reinstall them after the installation. 08. To add an existing System Administration Tools Start Menu, right click on Start | Properties. Entrance in the Start Menu tab and click Customize and then enter in the Advanced tab. Scroll down and give checkmark in the Display option on the All Programs and the Start Menu.
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