Internet and Cyber Crime

Lately we often hear the word said the Internet where people where people are always talking about Internet Friends give each other their e mail address yet again if one is asking you about our homepage. Internet seems to have is common in the community We all know. What is the Internet Another term for the Internet is the Cyberspace (virtual world), the virtual world, homepage or

Type of Microprocessor Development

Microprocessor can be grouped according to the technology used, according to the number of bits of data, according to the structure or according to ability / characteristics according to the functions of the microprocessor and the microprocessor itself. Based on the number of bits of data (Word Size) at this time there have been many kinds mirkoprosessor, ranging from the microprocessor 1 bit, 4bit, 8 bit. 16 bits, 32 bits and 64 bits. In addition mirkoprosessor can also be grouped according to function and integrasisnya are as follows:
● microprocessor Monolotik (Single


Designing Your Own Display Applications in vb

Often in making an application in Visual Basic environment, we have been presented with a shape similar to the display window. What if we want to create a form of display windows according to our tastes? Can, because this tutorial we will create a form window with the Titlebar, Minimize button, Maximize and Exit own style at once simple and very easy in manufacture. Can not wait?
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