Internet and Cyber Crime

Lately we often hear the word said the Internet where people where people are always talking about Internet Friends give each other their e mail address yet again if one is asking you about our homepage. Internet seems to have is common in the community We all know. What is the Internet Another term for the Internet is the Cyberspace (virtual world), the virtual world, homepage or
WWW (World Wide Web).World Wide Web Internet is owned by the world community no person or institution can claim that the Internet as one's own Internet As citizens we can make the exchange of data and information with millions of people for business purposes of academic administration and organization We can also access the documents about the art software cultural politics atalog image libraries and various information from various places around the world. 

 One of the usefulness of the Internet is for business purposes

Internet likened also as a giant-sized electronic city where every citizen has the address (Internet address) that can be used to send letters if it wants to get around the city residents simply use the computer as a vehicle. In its development was the use of the Internet is bringing the negative side, opening the emergence of anti-social acts and criminal behavior that is considered unlikely to occur as a theory that says "crime is a product of society in its self", which simply means that the society himself who gave birth to a higher crime rate intellect of a society is also increasingly sophisticated crimes that may occur in the community that crime was happening on the Internet is called "Crime also over Internet ". Crime over the Internet can be defined as criminal aberrations that media over the Internet Crime over the Internet can be divided into two - and cyber crime - cyber crime related.

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