10 most popular free antivirus 2010

A good anti-virus computer software does not have to be paid, there are many good free version. In fact, some anti-virus free magazines often considered as even more powerful computers.
Below are the 10 anti-virus which can be downloaded free of charge. Please click and attach it to your computer. Do not forget, install only one, because the use of anti-virus and more than one computer at a time can make trouble. If you want to change to other anti-virus software, uninstall the old anti-virus software installed on your computer. When you're online, do not forget to update anti-virus, and usually it is updated automatically.

1. AVG Anti-Virus
2. Comodo Firewall
3. Avast! 4 Home Edition
4. McAfee SiteAdvisor
5. SpyCatcher Express
6. StartupMonitor
7. SuperStorm Freeware
8. Windows Defender
9. HijackThis
10. Zone Alarm
Of the 10 anti-virus, I recommend the number 1, 2, 3, and 10. Some have paid versions, but in general it was very adequate version of a free version. In addition to ward off the virus, almost all of them can also detect spyware and malicious programs hidden on your computer.
If you had previously used another free anti-virus software, please share to the readers. Hopefully useful to protect our computers from malicious programs, as well as from cyber thieves.  

[ / JARAR Siahaan]

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