Meaning of the term HTTP

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol that is used by the World Wide Web. HTTP defines how a message can be formatted and sent from server to client. HTTP also regulates the actions of what should be done by the web server and web browser in response to the commands that exist in this HTTP protocol. For example, when you type an Internet address or URL in your browser, then the actual web browser sends an HTTP command to the web server. Web server will then receive this command and conduct activities in accordance with the orders requested by the web browser (eg access to databases, files, e-mail, etc.). The result of this activity will be sent back to the web browser to display to the user.

  • HypertextText that has a link to a document (part of) another. Hypertext in the world of the Internet has become an integral part of the World-Wide Web. Even Tim Berners-Lee create a standard HTML document with the name and the protocol used by HTTP name, where the letter H stands for hypertext. The idea of hypertext was originally diimaginasikan by Vannevar Bush in 1945 in an article (essays) in the Atlantic Monthly magazine titled As We May Think. This article became a classic text. According to him, the human mind works by association (association). With a data (information) is held, it will connect with the following information associated with the previous data.
  • Protocol : A collection of some of the rules relating to data communication between multiple communication devices so that data communication can be done right. Protocol is to specify in detail how computers interact, including the format of the messages they exchange and how errors are handled. Relationship reflects many aspects of telecommunications in terms of diplomatic protocol, several signals modified by sending and receiving devices, for example, termed shake hands and say hello. Three main aspects of communication are considered by the protocol is: how data is represented and encoded, how is transmitted, and how mistakes and failures are known and addressed.
  • Transfer  : The amount of data transfer capacity of the communication of digital data, usually expressed in bps or bits per second.

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