Indonesian Hacker figures

1. Dani Firmansyah A.K.A Xnuxer
 Xnuxer (in cyberspace), Dani Firmansyah nickname in the underworld, the Cyber Crime Unit arrested the Directorate of Special Investigation Metro Jaya Regional Police on 24 April 2004 at about 17:20 pm in Jakarta.Friday, April 16, Xnuxer tried to test security systems via XSS (cross site scripting) from IP, but screen out low-level risk "message (KPU website has not been transparent or
broken).Saturday, April 17th, 2004 at 03.12,42, Xnuxer try again penetrating server with SQL Injection and how to successfully penetrate IP, and managed to update the list of names at the party until 11.34,27 11.23,16. Xnuxer techniques used in hacking the spoofing technique (misdirection). Xnuxer an attack from IP, then open a Thai Anonymous Proxy IP to the IP before msuk, and successfully opened the display name of 24 political parties contesting the election.Lucky Xnuxer hacked sites simply because the Commission wants to test the security system security server, without any political content. In additional, highly cooperatif Xnuxer properties, eventually Xnuxer in jail only a few months.

2. Onno W. Purbo A.K.A Kang Onno
Widodo Onno Purbo (born in Bandung, August 17th, 1962, age 45 years) is a character (later better known as an expert in the area) information technology from Indonesia. He began his academic education at ITB majoring in Electrical Engineering in 1981. Six years later he graduated with honors the best graduates, and then continue her studies in Canada on a scholarship from the PAU-ME.RT / RW-Net is one of the many ideas that was brought up. He also writes in the field of information technology media, seminars, national and international conferences. Believe filosofy copyleft, many articles published for free on the internet.Freedom fighters frequency of 2.4 GHz, VOIP-Folk, and Wifi Antenna from cans.

3. I Made Wiryana A.K.A Pak Made
Cyber Paspampres ya, said President SBY websites and servers that hold him for maintenance and safety ... (never pounded ampe DDos, but within seconds itungan back-up server-dah ga tau back-ups that number how many direct-ups).He is also pioneering the development of Linux in Indonesia with the pack Rusmanto (editor of Linux info). graduated in two educational institutions namely S1-Physics, University of Indonesia in 1991 and S1-Information management STIMIK Gunadarma Masters in 1992 and continued in eidith Cowan University in Australia and since 2004 until now are completing doctoral programs in Germany Bielfield RVS. And now domiciled in Germany. Permanent job status is a university lecturer Gunadarma. 

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