People of the world leaders Hacker

Kevin Mitnick
Perhaps the most famous hakcer Mitnick became of his generation, because Mitnick has been 'crowned' by the U.S. Justice Department became the most wanted computer criminal in the United States along seharag. Mitnick with his posture that matches the character of a hacker, enter t
he number of company-owned computer systems technology and telekomunikasitop world, including Nokia, Fujitsu, and Motorola. After large-scale published by the FBI, Mitnick eventually arrested in 1995 and after receiving numerous allegations, she eventually spent time in prison for five years. He was released in 2000 and now has a computer security consultant. He did not call his actions as 'hacking' and instead gave the name of 'social engineering'.
Kevin Poulsen
Poulson was first enters the world of hacking through the phone line at KIIS-FM radio station in the city of Los Angeles, and that made famous when Poulson digital fraud by claiming to be a caller who break through the 102 phone line just to get money to buy a Porsche. Kevin Poulson or aliasnya name Dark Dante, managed to turn back the Yellow Page, then using the phone number in it to run in a virtual escort agency. The police later arrested Poulson and imprison him for three years after he hacked the database of a federal investigation, and also all made the phone line 1.800 crashes. After he got out of prison he is now a journalist.
Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo, or so-called 'homeless hacker', usually using coffee shops, libraries and Internet caf├ęs as a base to carry out the action. Most activities are breaking into computer networks and then reported to the company that has a weakness that network. Lamo's biggest claim is that he is best known after his break through the office intranet and the New York Times added its name in the database of the daily newspaper companies. It also uses LexisNexis account to obtain secret access to profilpejabat company. Lamo is now working as a journalist.
Stephen Wozniak
Famous as a co-founder of Apple, started the action 'white-hat' him with hacking into phone systems. When the school at the University of California, he made a device to his friend named 'blue box' and allow her friends to call in time as long as possible, free. However, later Wozniak out of the university and worked with his friend Steve Jobs, Apple Computer made.
Loyd Blankenship
Famous by the name of 'Mentor', a member of an elite group of hackers in the year 1980. The biggest action he became the author of the Hacker Manifesto (The Conscience of a Hacker), which he wrote in prison in 1986. In the book Hacker Manifesto (The Conscience of a Hacker), it is mentioned that the hackers simply the act that created by the hacker is just a curiosity and not only used as a moral hackers today, but also the absolute paradigm of the philosophy of hackers. The book was also featured in Phrack magazine, and even made a movie in 1995 with the title of hackers, starring Angelina Jolie. 
Linus Torvalds
Hackers are also developing the Linux operating system, a combination of "Linus MINIX". Now the Linux operating system has become the operating systems 'default' hacker. Then, along with Richard Stallman build early versions of Linux, in cooperation with programmers, developers and hackers around the world to develop the Linux kernel. 
John Draper
Hackers are using the assistance of a plastic whistle which was a gift from a cereal box "Cap n Crunch", he managed to break through the phone system. He found a frequency of 2600 Hz and used as a tool to make free phone calls. On development, the frequency of 2600 Hz is no longer made with a plastic whistle, but using a tool called "Blue Box". 
Mark Abene
Sign in to be one member "Master of Deception" and the Hacker Groups Legion of Doom otherwise known as Optical Phiber elite group based in New York, targeting U.S. phone systems, including systems compuetr AT & T in late mid-an.Group 80 was eventually disbanded in 1992 when many members went to prison. In 1994, he was sentenced to one year in prison for conspiracy and unauthorized access to computer and telephone systems. 
One of the hackers who are hacking perbuatanya testified that make Internet networks around the world working not only with a count of 30 minutes 

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